Fire Donkey Productions - THE MYSTERY HOUR

  Photographer: Polly Preston

Photographer: Polly Preston


Production title: The Mystery Hour

Genre: Theatre

Artist /Group: Fire Donkey Productions

Country of origin: Wales

Language: English

Summary SWE: Med hjälp av bananer, getter, chimpanser och Nicolas Cage framförs denna surrealistiska komedi av två föredetta radiopresentatörer.

Summary ENG: Surreal comedy theatre experience by two ex-radio presenters featuring bananas, goats, chimps and Nicolas Cage.

Duration: 60 min

Web link:

Age guidance: 15+ (Not suitable for kids)

Premiere: Swedish Premiere

Date: Oct 08 2016, 18:15 - 19:15;  Oct 09 2016, 19:45 - 20:45

Tickets: 100kr (50% concession)