Välkommen till STOFF-X: den tionde upplagan av Stockholm Fringe Festival!

Det fullspäckade festivalprogrammet innehåller hundratals med programpunkter över hela Stockholm 3-7 september! 
Teater / Performance / Film / Music / Visual Art / Stand-Up / Site-Specific / Other 

Årets festival innehåller endast projekt skapade av kvinnor, icke-binära och trans artister från Sverige och hela världen!
Dessutom erbjuds STOFFnet med workshops, samtal och artist speed-dating! 
Mer info och biljetter: www.stockholmfringe.com 

Presenteras med stöd av: Kulturrådet, Region Stockholm och Stockholm Stads Kulturförvaltning


STOFF X pågår på 11 olika scener, nedanför följer programmet för STOFF X på Teater Tre / STOFF X takes place on 11 different stagas in Stockholm, below can you find the program for STOFF X at Teater Tre


Wed 4/9 20:30
Thur 5/9 15:00

Artist/Group: Omada 7
Genre: Theatre
Performed in: Greek with English subtitles
From: Greece
TIX: www.stockholmfringe.com/antigone-a-hubris/

Fruktansvärda mirakel vandrar på jorden,
men ingen så som människan. Sofokles
Antigone omarbetad.

Terrible wonders walk the world but none the match for (wo)man.
Sophocles’ Antigone.

In a decaying centre of power, three female performers share all the roles of Sophocles Antigone, intervening with their own views and experiences and devising a multimedia performance. Only mediated through a screen can the fifteen members of the chorus have access to this restricted financial centre, in order to negotiate, to claim or to refuse their individual responsibility. Is resistance a moral duty? Is our judgement the only valid one? Can resistance turn into hubris? Can we listen?

Language: Greek with English subtitles

GULABISTAN: The City of Roses

Wed 4/9 17:30 - 18:30
Thur 5/9 18:00 - 19:00 

Artist/Group: Mosaikteatern
Genre: Dance
Performed in: N/A
From: Sweden
TIX: www.stockholmfringe.com/gulabistan-the-city-of-roses/

Ett poetiskt undersökande kring Rosen som
kult och kulturväxt, som inspiration för sagor
och myter och färger…

A dazzeling performance wher we are
indulging ourselves in pink. Inspired by the
stories and myths surrounding the rose and
its life span.

The color and the flower – Rose is in many languages more or less the same and both of them are full of symbolism. In this piece have we used myths, stories, and poetry connected to the rose and its life span for inspiration. The War of roses, Venus flower, Healing flower, Drowning in roses… The movements are influenced by the Indian dance tradition kathak, authentic movements, and expressive dance. The piece is both choreographed and score-based. The piece started in Moghul India, inspired by Sufi poetry and beauty as worship. But during the rehearsals did the piece take off and left the Indian subcontinent towards a universal Rosegarden found within each persons heart and soul.

There is no story, no explanation. Only an abundance of pink, red and purple and other shades.


Make me the queen / Sätt kronan på mitt huvud

Fri 6/9 17:00 - 18:00
Sat 7/9 14:30 - 15:30 

Artist/Group: Reflektor
Genre: Theatre
Performed in: Swedish
From: Sweden
TIX: www.stockholmfringe.com/make-me-the-queen/

Den åldrade prinsessans längtan, begär och
skam. Vart ska hon ta vägen? Mot det mogna
drottningskapet eller till barndomens omöjliga

The ageing princess’s longing, desire and
shame. A poetic tale on dreams and desires.


Too old to be a princess and not grown up enough to be a queen. Is the crown even something to wish for? Is it possible to become a queen on your own terms? This is a fascinating portrait of a woman who struggles with her identity in the borderland between hope and despair, lust and shame. Will she accept the passing of time or forever stay in a paradise lost? 

A monologue specially written for Kajsa Svensson by the poet and author Helena Österlund
(the novel “Min sårbara kropp” on Nordstedt/litteratur).

Directed by Maria Clauss
Music: Moa-Lina Croall
Stage design: Tove Alderin and Elin Stampe

The Pink Hulk: One Woman’s Journey to Find the Superhero Within

Thu 5/9 20:00
Sat 7/9 17:30

Artist/Group: Valerie David
Genre: Theatre
Performed in: English
From: Finland/Sweden/UK/United States
The show has sexual content.
The show is recommended from 15 years.

TIX: www.stockholmfringe.com/the-pink-hulk-one-womans-journey-to-find-the-superhero-within/

En cancerdiagnos betyder bara en sak:
Dags att få ligga! En verklig och inspirerande
berättelse om en trefaldig canceröverlevare!

A cancer diagnosis means only one thing:
Time to get laid! A true and inspiring story
about a 3-time cancer survivor!


Now battling breast cancer after fighting off lymphoma, Valerie does something most people facing cancer for the second time in their life probably wouldn’t think of doing. With a fear that she might lose “the girls”, she takes them out for one last hurrah. After all, Valerie’s diagnosis can mean only one thing: Time to get laid! And does Valerie succeed? Is there a “happy ending”? Come see the show to find out! This sexy, award-winning adventurous solo show follows Valerie’s journey to seek her own “hulk-like” strength and redefining what it means to now have to reactivate her own superhero within. All while trying to get a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side! An empowering, true story of inspiration that has been impacting audiences worldwide. With plenty of humor—guaranteed!

This body

 Fri 6/9 20:00 - 21:00
Sat 7/9 12:00 - 13:00 

Artist/Group: Systeria
Genre: Performance
Performed in: Swedish, English
From: Sweden
The show contains elements of violence.
The show has sexual content.

TIX: www.stockholmfringe.com/this-body/

Med detta performance undersöker
SYSTERIA makt och trauman kring våra kroppar.

The art collective SYSTERIA is studying
power and traumas concerning our bodies.
SYSTERIA has, like so many others, our own experiences similar to the testimonies the world took part of under the #metoo fall.

We were many that hoped to witness a revolution when it came to male behavior towards women. We were many that thought that now, now that they hear how we experience those small jokes and drunk comments, we´d spare our younger sisters.
Our daughters would escape the humiliation.
But what happened? Did we get a revolution? Did we see changes in our workplaces or spheres that we are heavily depended on?

SYSTERIA art collective aims to explore the relationship and power to our bodies.