About Teater Tre

Teater Tre is a Swedish theatre group established in 1979. Since the beginning, our mission is to make quality theatre for children and youth. Besides giving shows on the stage in Stockholm, we tour in Sweden and worldwide. We have previously performed in Uganda, Germany, Austria, Namibia, Japan, the U.S and many other countries. 

Our latest international tour was in Hong Kong, in February 2017, where we performed Good Night Sleep Tight in Cantonese, and also hosted a two day workshop about baby theatre, for Hong Kong based performance artists. 

Teater Tre's Mission

Our goal is to reach out to all children, regardless of their social, cultural or geographical background. We do this through a universal stage language that is characterized by few words and a great deal of movement. Our performances all have themes from everyday life that everyone, young and old, can identify with. Teater Tre wants to put Swedish theatre for children and youth on the world map. We want to awaken our audience’s curiosity for the theatre and for their own creativity. Teater Tre is also happy to invite international guest appearances to our home stage in Stockholm.

Teater Tre is supported by The State Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Stockholm City Culture Department, Stockholm County Council Culture Administration and the European Union.

International contacts:

Sara Myrberg, artistic leader
sara.myrberg (a) teatertre.se
+46 8 669 00 60

Elina Perdahl, international producer
elina (a) teatertre.se

International performances

Peka Trumma Dansa / Look Drum Dance (1-3 years)

A fun, nimble, rhythmical performance inspired by Eva Susso's books about Lalo, Binta, Aisha & Babo. We want to welcome the young audience to dance and laugh. And to want to watch theater over and over again. The play has also been translated to and performed in Spanish and Italian.

Artistic leader & concept Sara Myrberg / Director Anne Jonsson / Cast Per Dahlström, Sara Myrberg/Lena Bondeson, Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson and Steve Shungu / Set & costume design Ylva Sanner / Mask Helena Bernström / Lighting Magnus Pettersson / Dramaturgy Anders Duus / Rythm instruction Kristina Aspeqvist / Educational material Lena Yxner / Producer Maya Berggren


Kloss / Blocks (3-6 years)

Which is more fun. Building up or knocking down? A happy story about three characters and how they organise their world. The play is also translated to and perfomed in English, Japanese, Dutch, Finnish and Norwegian. 

Concept Sara Myrberg / Cast Sara Myrberg, Per Dahlström & Bert Gradin / Direction Stalle Ahrreman & Marvin Yxner / Dramatization Lena Stefenson / Choreography Jimmy Meurling / Set Design Ylva Sanner / Music Tin Hat Trio


Godnatt min skatt / Good night sleep tight (2-4 years)

What do you do when it’s time to sleep?
Who puts whom to bed, and how? 
Will your friend still be there when you awake? Stars begin to shine and dreams are born. The play is also translated to and performed in English. 

Concept Sara Myrberg / Cast Sara Myrberg and Per Dahlström / Director My Areskoug / Set Design Ylva Sanner / Music Johan E. Andersson

International resumé

Peka Trumma Dansa (Look Drum Dance), 1-3 years

2016, Bologna, Italy, La Baracca, International Festival of Theatre and Culture for early childhood.

Godnatt min skatt (Good Night Sleep Tight), 2-4 years

2017, Hong Kong, China
2016, Japan, Okinawa, Ricca Ricca*Festa
2013, Spain, Madrid, Semanas internacionales de teatro para niñas y niños

Kloss (Blocks), 3-6 years

2016, Japan, Aichi, Joint Festival
2015, Finland, Hämeenlinna: Hippalot Festival
2015, USA, Brooklyn Academy of music: BAMkids
2014, Sweden, Stockholm, Swedstage
2014, Netherlands, Hague, DeBetovering festival
2014, USA, New York, Swedish Performing Arts for Children and Young Audiences, APAP (Association of Performing Arts Presenters)
2013, Namibia, Windhoek
2012, Finland, Helsinki
2012, Denmark, Helsingør, Passage 12
2012, Norway, Oslo, Småkustfestivalen
2011, Japan, Okinawa, Kijimuna Festa, + tour in Kobe, Shisoka, Ida
2010, USA, New York, Scandinavian house
2010, USA, Washington, House of Sweden, Kennedy Center, Eurokids Festival

Bubbla (Bubble), 6-12 months

2012, Finland, Turku, Turku European Capital of Culture 2011
2008, Sweden, Lund, invited to Bibu, Swedish performing arts biennal for children and youth

Siv sover vilse (Siv Sleeps Astray), 5-9 years

2011, Uganda, Kampala

Sailor & Pekka, 6-11 years

2009, Finland, Helsinki
2008, Sweden, Lund, Bibu, Swedish performing arts biennal for children and youth
2008, Austria, Vienna
2008, Germany, Nürnberg, Panoptikum Festival

Gamle Mannen och Valen (Old man and the sea), 5-9 years

2009, Norway, Lillehammer

Halli Hallå (Halli Hallo), 2-4 years

2009, Romania, Bukarest, “100, 1.000, 1.000.000 Stories” - International Theatre festival
2008, Spain, Madrid, 2008, Festival de Teatro Semanas Internacionales de Teatro
2008, Austria, Linz, Schäxpir festival
2008, Australia, Melbourne, Art Play
2008, Australia, Adelaide, Assitej World Congres
2008, Italy, Bologna, La Baracca, International Festival of Theatre and Culture for early childhood “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro…”
2007, Egypt, Cairo
2006, Camerun, Fatej Festival, Yaoundé
2006, Japan, Okinawa, Kijimuna Festa
2006, Sweden, Lund, Bibu - Swedish performing arts biennal for children and youth

Klä på, klä av (Clothes On, Clothes Off), 2-4 years

2008, Italy, Bologna, La Baracca, International Festival of Theatre and Culture for early childhood “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro…”
2006, Japan, Okinawa, Kijimuna Festa
2004, Italy, Milano
2004, France, Reimes, Festival Méli’môme
2004, Estonia, Tallinn

Riddaren och Draken (The Knight and the Dragon), 4-10 years

2002, Spain, Madrid
2002, Estonia, Tallinn
2001, Latvia, Riga