Photographer: Klara Granberg

Photographer: Klara Granberg


Production title: Hairy Tales

Genre: Theatre, Performance

Artist /Group: M.P.A.C.- Mighty Performing Arts Collective

Country of origin: Sweden

Language: language n/a

Summary SWE: Med en stor dos fysisk komedi, böjliga kroppar och håriga kreationer skapar kompaniet M.P.A.C. ett modernt clownperformance för 2000-talet.

Summary ENG: With a huge portion of physical comedy, bendy bodies and hairy creations M.P.A.C. creates a modern clown performance for the 21th century.

Duration: 60 min

Web link: http://www.mightypac.org/

Age guidance: 15+ (Not suitable for kids)

Premiere: Premiere 23 September 2016

Date: Oct 06 2016, 17:00 - 18:00

Tickets: 100kr (50% concession)